5 Signs You’ve Been in Southeast Asia Too Long

I was talking to a couple friends about travelling Southeast Asia recently. It reminded me of how much I absolutely loved living in Singapore and travelling around Southeast Asia for 5 months! Though I do remember some moments that made me think, “Maybe I’ve been here too long”. So these are the signs that you’ve been in Southeast Asia too long:

1. You don’t notice when you’re sweating anymore. When everyday is 30+˚C and 80% humidity, you are bound to sweat a bit. Eventually, you get so used to it that on those unusually cool nights (i.e. 28˚C) you’re taken aback by the lack of sweat on your skin. It’s a strange moment for anyone not from a tropical country.

2. You’ve lost count of how many freaky looking bugs you’ve seen. Weird looking bugs like tropical weather. So, naturally they are EVERYWHERE in Southeast Asia! I have no idea how many freaky looking insects I saw, but I know the thought, “That was a freaky looking bug” crossed my mind more times than it should have.

Dark Cave Bug

I don’t even know what this is but it was pretty big…

3. You have perfected your squatting toilet stance. Opened the stall door in a public washroom to just find a hole in the ground no longer phases you… nor does the cockroach sitting in the corner. You can just go about your business without a second thought.

4. Spending more than $10 on a room feels like a rip off. If I’m spending more than $10 on a hostel/bungalow, I’m expecting it to be the most luxurious thing I’ve ever seen. Southeast Asia is a great region for budget travellers because accommodations are so cheap. It’s completely unnecessary to spend more than $10 on a room. If you do, I’m assuming you’re splurging for the luxury or still new and don’t know any better.

5. You start crossing the street without fearing for your life. When you first come to Southeast Asia crossing the street can feel like a game of Frogger. This is a well documented phenomenon. But when there is a day when you cross the street without the slightest peak in your anxiety level when the family of 5 on a single motorbike whizzes past you – you’ve made it. *Side Note* This especially applies to Vietnam and not at all to Singapore.


Traffic in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Have you experienced any of these moments in Southeast Asia?


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    1. meggiekay
      November 5, 2014 at 10:00 PM

      Yea. Saw that guy in the Dark Cave in Kuala Lumpur. Great experience even with all the creepy bugs crawling around.

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