Backpacking Beauty Essentials

After backpacking for a year, I’ve come to realize there are certain beauty products that have made my life as a backpacker simpler. I would love to travel with a full set of makeup but it is straight up unpractical. I mean, half of my backpack would be makeup (which may be awesome but really, clothes hold a bit more priority).

I have narrowed down my backpacking makeup and beauty products to these 3 beauty essentials. So, if you are about to go on a trip and are trying to decide what beauty products you will need and which ones you can leave at home, I would suggest packing these.

Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo
It took me a while to warm up to dry shampoo and I think it is because it took a while for me to find one I liked. But I have a couple brands that I feel work and once discovering them, my life was changed forever. An early morning bus and don’t have time to shower, dry shampoo. All the showers in the hostel are being used and you have somewhere to be, dry shampoo. Your actual shampoo bottle popped open in your bag and the stores are closed, dry shampoo. Staying in a place where running water isn’t always available, dry shampoo. Lazy, dry shampoo. There are countless moments throughout my travels where dry shampoo has saved me from looking like a grease monkey.

Tinted Moisturizer

Tinted Moisturizer
While cutting down your belongings to the essentials, finding a product that does multiple things in one is amazing! That’s why I suggest bringing a tinted moisturizer or BB cream or CC cream or whatever foundation/moisturizer/sunscreen/other product you enjoy using. By having a daily moisturizer mixed in with your foundation and having that with SPF you have just cut down 3 bottles into 1. It’s saves on space in your bag and time when you’re getting ready.

Neutral Eyeshadow Palette

Neutral Eyeshadow
As someone who loves to experiment with my look, figuring out what eyeshadows to pack was the biggest challenge. Eyeshadow can be a super fun and expressive product. But unfortunately taking a large colourful eyeshadow palette was not practical. What is practical is a good neutral palette. While it my be missing bright colours, you can definitely use the small neutral palette for every occasion. A good neutral palette will have you covered for natural day looks all the way to smokey night looks. You get to cover all your bases without ever clashing colours with whatever you may be wearing.

These are my top 3 backpacking beauty essentials. Do you have different must pack beauty essentials? What is your most useful beauty product?

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