The Challenging and not so Challenging – Bali Adventure

While living in Singapore, I took a 8 day trip over to Bali for some fun instead of studying for my upcoming exam. Despite being a little island, there was a lot to do and see. I paired up with my friend Katie (who was with me on my trip to Tiomanas well) and we took off in search of Bali adventure – the main 2 being hiking and surfing.


Hiking is one of my favourite outdoor activities. Nothing makes me happier than a day out on the trails. So, when the idea of hiking a volcano to see sunrise from the top came up, I was excited! However, I was a little nervous about it.
Before leaving for Southeast Asia, I was very overweight and the most exercise I did was walking to school. I decided I need to get fit so I’d be able to do awesome things like hiking a mountain for sunrise. I was fairly successful in that goal of getting fit but this hike in Bali sounded like it would be the most testing activity up to that point. My nerves weren’t going to stop me from the challenge I thought was before me. So, despite my nerves and the fact that our plane had only arrived at 9pm the night before, at 2:30am I found myself at the base of Gunung Batur.
Now, hiking in the pitch black could be difficult to begin with but really it was only as difficult as walking along a gravel road in the pitch black. You may stumble over a rock you didn’t see and sure, there were some steep moments where you’d actually need to climb up over a ledge that is at thigh height. But generally speaking, the hike was a piece of cake. We took our time and got to the top to see one of the most beautiful sunrises I’ve seen.

Bali sunrise

Bali sunrise from Gunung Batur


I’ve always loved surfing. I would watch any surfing movie, even the horribly cheesy ones. I would dream of being able to ride the waves. I thought it would be so cool to be able to harness the power of nature for sport the way surfers do. Bali is a great place for surfing and we decided to sign up for lessons.
The thing about surfing is that it looks easy to ride the little waves that I faced with. Just a paddle, stand up, and keep balance, right? Oh boy! Was I ever wrong! Those littlest waves for beginners still pack a lot of power. I don’t even want to know how much water went up my nose from wiping out countless times. I was definitely welcoming to the break we had half way through our lesson. By the end I was sore all over. But it also ended with us teaming up with our surf teacher and his friend for dinner and a stop at a tattoo shop… but that’s a story for another time.

One of the few shots where I'm actually standing

One of the few shots where I’m actually standing

Have you ever been faced with an adventure you thought was easy and turned out to be one of the most challenging things? Or the other way around?

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