Bustling Markets and Tranquil Gardens – Marrakech

For a family vacation and my brother’s 25th birthday my parents planned a trip to Marrakech.
Usually, I know read up on everything about a country before visiting. That’s kinda what you have to do while planning a trip but I didn’t plan this one. Sure, I would still read up on where I was going whether I plan the trip or not but with school being crazy, I never really got the chance before head to the airport. Now, I did know a few things about Morocco that I learned from a Discovery Channel documentary about the country I watched when I was 11. Morocco has been close to the top of my “To Travel” list since then.
I do have to say, despite my 11 year prep work, I was surprised by the country. It was full of dramatic extremes I didn’t realize.

I loved every bit Marrakech! I’m the kind of person who is all or nothing in every direction. So the extremes definitely catered to me. All of that mixed with the friendly locals, I really did not want to leave.

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