Canadian Summer 2013

I have always said nothing beats a Canadian summer. And now that we are in September, I feel that summer is pretty much over. So, let’s look back on my Canadian Summer in 2013!

In the summer, all of the vast Canadian wilderness becomes alive. The creatures that were hibernating all winter are in full of energy in the lush green forests just like us Canadian people. I feel that one of the most stereotypical Canadian things is camping out in the wilderness in the middle of summer. I posted a few different blogs about my trips outdoors this past summer so if you want to know more about that check out: Backyard Camping and Sand Hills Park

But it’s not just the wilderness that is great in the summer. Canadian cities blow up with festivals and events. Living in Toronto, I got the chance to experience some of these. Below are some of my favourite photos I took around the city this past summer (all of my photos are posted on my Facebook page here: Canadian Summer Photos).


What is your favourite thing about summer? Do you spend your time enjoying the outdoors? Or are you the type of person that enjoys the events that the city has to offer?
Farewell Canadian Summer! Until next year!

One thought on “Canadian Summer 2013

  1. September 14, 2013 at 6:45 PM

    I loved this post – I’ve been considering making Canada my summer holiday destination next year (I’ve never actually been!) – so this has really helped in the decision making process! xx

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