Fiji Island Hopping – The Mamanucas

My final island(s) are here – South Sea Island and the Mamanuca Islands.

South Sea Island

The ferry from Naviti Island arrived at South Sea Island late in the evening. I didn’t really get a chance to do much on South Sea Island. This tends to be a day tripper island from Fiji’s main island. It’s small. It would take about 15 minutes to slowly walk around the entire thing. The island is basically one big beach. There are typical beach and water games. You can go diving. There is a restaurant and bar area. It’s a perfect place for a chill beach day. But since I barely caught the sunset, I didn’t get to experience that version of the island.

My time on South Sea Island was spent eating dinner and sleeping.

The morning after arriving, I boarded the Seaspray yacht. This was what the final day of my Fiji island hopping adventure was all about – sailing the Mamanuca Islands.

South Sea Island and Seaspray Sailing

The Mamanuca Islands

The Mamanuca Islands are not part of the Yasawa Islands. They are their own archipelago. These islands were a little smaller and, the ones that are inhabited, are more developed. They had more of the stereotypical Fiji aesthetic that someone from Canada would have – white sand beaches, tiny villas, etc.

Modriki Island

The day started with just enjoying the open water with a drink and music played by the crew. Soon enough we reached the first island in our day of sailing – Modriki Island. This is the island that the movie Cast Away was filmed on. A couple differences to note between the movie version island and the real island.
1.It is not a remote island. There were tons of small islands within swimming distance surrounding it as well as Fiji’s main island visible off in the distance.
2.There is AMAZING snorkelling around the island. The absolutely pristine water had tons of colourful fish. It was among some of the best snorkelling I’ve done.

We spend a good amount of time exploring Modriki Island and the waters around it. After, we boarded the boat again for lunch. It was a barbecue lunch that was really good. Despite not have a choice of food during my entire trip to Fiji, the food was always really good. I ate a little too much because after lunch I was a little uncomfortable. I started to really feel the sways of the ocean. But, thankfully, it was only a short trip to the next island.

Modriki Island

Yanuya Island

Next, we stopped by Yanuya Island. Here, we visited a Fijian village. The main event was the Kava Ceremony. Kava didn’t really have a much of a taste but it did make my tongue numb. It was an interesting experience. We walked around the village even passing by a school which got all the kids a bit excited.

We had some extra time before setting sail again so we took a bit of a swim. And by swim I mean jumping off the bow of the boat. Jumping off a yacht into crystal clear waters is the dream of a Fiji trip, right?

That was the last of my sailing the Mamanuca Islands. The boat returned to the main island of Fiji and we were bussed back to our respective accommodations for the night. This also signaled the end of my trip to Fiji. I had most the next day but I really just hung around my accommodation. I mean, it was located right on the beach so why not spend the last of my time in Fiji relaxing at the beach.

So, that is it for my Fiji Island Hopping Adventure. If you haven’t see my posts about my other stops, check them out here:
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Much love and happy travels,
xo Meggie Kay

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