Fiji Island Hopping – Nacula Island

My time in New Zealand is officially over. I wanted to stop off at one of the South Pacific islands on my way home to Canada. Stopping off in Fiji is a pretty popular option when travelling across the Pacific. If you fly with Fiji Airways (which is what I did even though I’m not a fan of the airline), it can be an affordable layover trip. I ended up doing some Fiji island hopping with Awesome Adventures Fiji.

I talked to STA Travel in New Zealand to help me organize all of this since I was on a budget, needed multiple flights to line up, and wanted this little South Pacific vacation to run smoothly. They recommended Awesome Adventures Fiji. I would be able to see a few different spots around Fiji as well as do some cool activities that Fiji is known for.

The first stop on this Fiji Island Hopping Adventure was Nacula Island. This is the furthest island in the Yasawa Islands.

Nacula Island:

I stayed at Nabua Lodge. While I didn’t know exactly what kind of a room I would get on the islands, I ended up with a cool bungalow on the beach. There were little holes between the weaves of the wall which I thought was perfect. You don’t need to be locked into a solid building while staying on the beach in Fiji. The food at Nabua Lodge was also amazing! While island hopping the Yasawas, you don’t have options for different restaurants and places to eat. These islands have your little resort and that’s basically it. But I don’t worry. The food was really good at all the islands but, if I’m going to be completely honest, I liked the food at Nabua Lodge the best.


The 2 included activities for Nacula Island were snorkelling at the Blue Lagoon and visiting Sawa-i-lau cave. If you don’t do the “Full Monty” as Awesome Adventures like to call it, I would recommend doing the caves over the lagoon. Both were great but I felt like there were better spots for snorkelling in Fiji. The caves on the other hand are not available in other areas. I also spent a lot of time chilling in a hammock because… Fiji. One thing I liked about Nacula Island and Nabua Lodge was that it was located right under an excellent lookout spot. It was particularly good for catching the sunset.

This was an amazing start to my Fiji Island hopping.


Much love and happy travels
xo Meggie Kay

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