Fiji Island Hopping – Naviti Island

Welcome to island #2 of my Fiji Island Hopping Adventure – Naviti Island! I really loved my time on Naviti Island. I felt like a could get closer to nature here. It had a lot to do with the amount of sea creatures I saw.

Manta Rays

The main activity on Naviti Island is swimming with the manta rays. It kinda sucked that this has to be done at 6 am and dealing the a crowd of people all trying to see the manta rays. However, it was really cool once I was able to separate myself from the crowd and have a peaceful moment swimming alone beside a manta ray.

Manta Ray

Sea Creatures

On the beach in front of White Sandy Beach Resort had little white crabs. I’ve never really seen a crab up-close before so I was super interested in them. I saw even more little creatures while visiting Honeymoon Bay. I’m not the most knowledgable about sea life terminology so I don’t know what all of them are called. I did like how much life I could spot in the little tide pools though. Sometimes I forget just how much life is out in the ocean.

Beach and Cooking

Other Stuff

We played volleyball before dinner and had a bonfire after dinner. There was under 10 of us staying at the resort but the staff still pulled out all the stops for us. If you wanted to try something, they would do their best to hook you up. I wanted to try Fijian cooking. It wasn’t part of the “Full Monty package” and wasn’t really part of the daily schedule. But they gave me and one other person a cooking lesson because I asked about it. Of course, I had to pay extra for it but it was very affordable and I got a meal out of the deal too.

Overall, a pretty solid 2 days on Naviti Island.

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Much love and happy travels,
xo Meggie Kay

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