Global Degree – Help a Girl Out

So, a different kind of post from me today.

If you are subscribed to me on YouTube, you would have seen a video a couple weeks ago about this thing called Global Degree:

Basically, I applied to travel the world with these two guys, Michael and Alex, who are on a mission to travel every country in the world (seriously the whole thing) and get their “Global Degree”.

Pretty sweet, right?

Yea. I thought so. I mean, this is a little different from my typical travel style of being a serial expat but it’s something I’m really interested in. Why not get a taste of the countries and then go back to the ones that really stood out to me with my expat ways? Even though I like travelling slow, I’m open to trying new things and ways of travel is included in that. Every country has something to see, do, and experience, and I never really considered travelling to EVERY country in the world because that just seems like it would take over a lifetime to complete, especially with my slow-travel ways. This could be the chance for me to accomplish that never-ending list of countries to see.

At this point, I need help from you! There is public voting involved in this (Ugh. I Know). It would mean a lot if you could go to the Global Degree website and click the like and share buttons beside my video. It’s super easy and only takes a second!

So, yea. I guess that’s it for right now. Figures crossed I get this awesome opportunity to travel with a couple cool guys and experience new parts of the world.

And one more time… Go here:!contestants/cqtq and click the like and share buttons beside my (aka Megan Shier) video.

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