Go Global Expo 2013

This past weekend I attended the Go Global Expo in Toronto for the third time. It is an annual expo produced by Verge Magazine to learn about working, studying, and volunteering aboard. Even though this was my third year attending I still learned a lot. Travelling with a purpose is always my preferred way to travel and I am always looking for new ways to do so. I was so inspired over the weekend that I decided I would share my favourites from the expo.


SWAP is something I’ve been looking at doing for 4 or 5 years now. It is basically a program that assists you with working holiday visas. The interesting point about SWAP is their combo visas. If you’d like to go to both UK and Ireland, you can do both without having to come back between. Same thing goes for both New Zealand and Australia. Personally, I think that’s a pretty sweet option even if you didn’t have too much interest in one of the countries. All of my travel has been for studying and I’ve always liked the idea of working abroad for a change after I finish school. Now that I’ve finally graduated university, it’s time to seriously look into it. Learn more: http://www.swap.ca

International Career Studies

ICS focuses a lot on edutourism (educational tourism). They offer educational courses paired with the tourist activities you’d expect from the locations. For me, this is interesting because I’m a little unsure of where I want to go with my career. I could choose one of the courses related to what I studied in university to see if that’s the direction I want to continue with. It is also seems great to explore a topic of interest/hobbies like photography or cooking. Centering a trip around a course to learn can add a whole new dimension to your travel. Learn more: http://www.internationalcareerstudies.com/

Languages Abroad

One of my favourite things while travelling is learning the local language. Not only does it make travelling easier if you know how to speak the local language but you get to experience more of the culture through language. I have taken many language classes throughout the years and I can say that it is very difficult to become truly fluent with just classes. Languages Abroad allows you to learn a language with classes in a country that speaks that language. You get to take classes for a few hours a day and then go and explore the city. This is one of my travel dreams. I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish in Madrid or go back to Germany to relearn German. Languages Abroad could be a way to help me realize these dreams. Learn more: http://languagesabroad.com/

Now, that is just a list of a few that I am interested in. I can’t really recommend any program until after I actually participate but I’m looking into these and maybe one has sparked some interest in you as well. Let me know if you’ve travelled with one of these programs or what your favourite way to work, study, or volunteer abroad.

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