A Journey to Hobbiton

While in New Zealand, I NEEDED to go to Hobbiton. Though my reason for it may be a bit different than most…

Hobbiton is located in (or more accurately, on a farm just outside of) Matamata, New Zealand. Matamata is a small town and since I’m in a race against time making a specific stop in this town wasn’t practical for me. Thankfully, Matamata is close enough to other cities that you can easily make a day trip out to Hobbiton. I went while staying in Rotorua (only about an hour drive). It was also a very easy process online to purchase the ticket that would get me picked up in Rotorua.

The tour itself was great! After a brief stop at the gift shop we hopped back on the bus and started the drive down to the actual set. It’s located at a still functioning farm and there were TONS of adorable baby sheep running around as we drove to the set. The tour guide was super friendly and very knowledgeable about the films themselves as well as the filming process and history of the set. She pointed out and reference specific scenes for each area of the set (which means I need to re-watch the films and double check what she said). She made sure we all had plenty of time to take photos and enjoy being there as we moved through.

It cost $110 – including the transportation to and from Rotorua and the drink at The Green Dragon I mentioned in the video. Some may think that is good chunk of change for a little day tour, but I say it was worth it. It was a quality tour and a great experience for the Lord of the Rings fans or just the general movie fan like myself.

Have you been to Hobbiton or toured any other film set? What did you think?


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