Morocco Through Instagram

During my time in Morocco, I documented a lot of the highlights as they happened on Instagram. The following photos were taken between February 19 and February 22 using nothing but my iPhone and the Instagram filters. Enjoy and follow me on Instagram (@heymeggiekay) to keep up to date with all my photos.

Moroccan Riad

(Feb. 17) My Moroccan home for the week.

Mint Tea

(Feb. 18) Favourite thing about Morrocco so far: Mint Tea


(Feb. 18) Cozy fire for the chilly Moroccan night

Moroccan Meat

(Feb. 19) I have yet to eat anything in Morocco that I don’t love.

Camel Ride

(Feb. 20) Camel Riding Swag


(Feb. 21) Taking donkey transit today

Quad ATV

(Feb. 22) More desert fun in Morocco. This time with quads. I am covered with dirt.

Sunset at Koutoubia Mosque

(Feb. 22) My last Moroccan sunset

Moroccan Sweets

(Feb. 22) A trip isn’t complete until I have local sweets. Morocco, you do good sweets.

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