London in a Day

Layovers while travelling can suck. But sometimes you luck out with one long enough to go out and explore the city for at least a few hours. Such a layover happened in London on my way to Morocco. Well, we planned it that way since we had to pick up my brother who lives there before continuing. The big question I was faced with was “Can I really experience London in a day?” Well, I was going to try.

Well, that’s the video of my attempt of seeing London in a day, if you are interesting in the photos I took while wandering the city go to my Facebook Page.

Even though I feel like I did well with the time I was given, I still wish I could have seen the city in its entirety. I missed out on Tower Bridge and Trafalgar Square both of which were high on my list of Things to See. But I guess that means I will just have to go back to London some other time. London in a day is definitely a difficult task to take on… but I encourage you to attempt it.

Have you ever successfully toured a city in 1 day?

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