Observations from a Weekend in Michigan

A few weekends back, I went to see my dad in Michigan… and more specifically, I went to see my favourite soccer team play. I’ve mentioned this was going to happen in my Summer Plans and How Travel Turned Me into a Soccer Fan posts.

Manchester United vs Real Madrid

Manchester United vs Real Madrid

I was hoping to get to explore a bit of Michigan while in the area but just decided to relax a bit instead. Even though I basically spend the whole weekend just relaxing at my dad’s apartment and attending a soccer match, I’ve made some observations about Michigan I thought I’d share with you.

Roadkill along I-94 West
It was a little unsettling how much roadkill I saw along I-94 West between Port Huron and I-696 West. I saw countless squirrels, 3 raccoons, 2 foxes, and 1 bird (granted I think the bird wasn’t actual “roadkill”). You guys have a serious roadkill problem during this stretch. There is either a crazy amount of animals in the area or no one to clean up any roadkill and what I saw was just an accumulation. Not exactly a pleasant start to my first trip to Michigan in 5 years.

The roads are TERRIBLE
Keeping to the driving theme, your roads are terrible! With the potholes and uneven pavement I drove on, I’m not surprised I saw so many tire remnants along with the roadkill. I was actually a little worried about my car considering that it’s basically falling apart already. It’s not like I was driving on back side road. I was driving on the major roads highways! Road upkeep is the kind of stuff your tax dollars should be put towards. You guys could really benefit from some road work.

American flags are everywhere
Americans really love their flag. Giant, and I mean GIANT, American flags were everywhere. Random shopping plaza? You better believe there are 3 of the biggest flags you’ve ever seen flying proudly. I see Canadian flags around but usually find them in front of government buildings or schools or something along that line. I have never seen so many massive flags in front of random buildings in any other country I’ve travelled. While I don’t generally have a problem with people being patriotic, it really seemed like overkill when I can’t go from one end of a plaza the other without being reminded 3 times that I’m in America.

American Flag

American Flag

There really IS an accent in Michigan
Maybe I was too use to hearing Michiganders speak while in high school just across the border but after 5 years of being a respectable distance from Michigan I have come to realize there really is an accent there. While attending high school just outside of Windsor, I would head over to Detroit on a semi-regular basis and not once did I notice an accent different than my own – which is a fairly neutral North American accent I’ve been told. Maybe it was just the specific people I talked to during my weekend trip but, based on this experience, there is a distinct accent floating around Michigan.

Michigan Stadium holds a record number of people for a reason
I was part of the biggest soccer crowd in US history! Over 108 000 were there! Yes, the stadium is a generally massive stadium, aerial shots will show you that. But another reason (and what I’m claiming to be the real reason) is the high school style benches. It’s was incredible squished in there because of the lack of individual seat space. Sure, BMO field can’t hold as much but I actually had enough space to jump up and cheer without hitting someone… which I prefer.

Michigan Stadium

All of those benches were filled!

So, that’s what I picked up after a quick, no plan weekend in Michigan. It was a pretty chill time where I got back to a part of the world I hadn’t visited in a while and crossed off one of my bucket list items – seeing Real Madrid play (even though it would have been better if it was in Madrid). Overall, an excellent weekend.
I’ll be back in Michigan again since my dad live there these days, do you have any suggestion of sights once I actually decided to get out of my dad’s apartment?

2 thoughts on “Observations from a Weekend in Michigan

  1. sylvia garon
    August 17, 2014 at 2:54 AM

    I noticed that too, when I drove through Michigan. Years ago a deer carcass was left so long on the road that it was mostly skeleton. Apparently they just leave it on the road!

    1. meggiekay
      August 19, 2014 at 9:36 AM

      That’s what I figured. They should really invest in keeping up their roads. Between the roadkill and the general poor condition of them, I’m glad I have no further plan of driving there.

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