My Travel Story

I have been writing Nomadic Meg for 2 and a half years now. If you’ve been following from the beginning (THANK YOU for that), you would probably be able to figure out a lot of my travel story. But I’m realistic, I doubt you (yes, you who is reading this) have been following me from the beginning or know about my travel story.
A little while ago, I applied to be the girl to travel the world with the boys of Global Degree. I didn’t get selected but they’ve continued to be very supportive with my global travel dreams. It was this whole process that inspired me to go back to the basics a bit and share my travel story.
Everyone has a reason to start travelling and as I ask travellers this, I’ve realized everyone has different reasons. So, this is mine. This is how I got started with this whole travel thing and how I got to where I am today. I would love to hear your travel story and maybe we could get a little chain going of people sharing how they started travelling.

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