New Zealand Food

New Zealand food wasn’t really on my radar when I took off to the bottom of the earth. Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t hear or read much about what food was like there and so I assumed it would be similar to Canadian food – you know, generic Western, former British colony type of food. However, I was surprised that there was a lot of difference. It wasn’t at all like Canadian food and instead, I found the food to be closer to what I would expect in Britain.

So, let’s dig into New Zealand food a bit more…

Fish ‘n’ Chips

As a tour guide in New Zealand said, “The English may have invented fish ‘n’ chips, but the Kiwis have perfected it”. I thought that was really well said and very accurate to what I experienced. There seemed to be a fish ‘n’ chip shop on every corner in New Zealand. Every roadside cafe seemed to have it as a menu item. I fell like I ate fish ‘n’ chips more in my one year in New Zealand than I have in my whole life. I’m not sure what the Kiwis do differently to push it above all other fish ‘n’ chips but it’s definitely something to try.

Meat Pies

I basically lived off meat pies while taking the bus around New Zealand. It was a cheap, delicious, and convenient option at the rest stops around the entire country. There are lots of different fillings. It seemed like the most popular was Butter Chicken and my favourite was the Steak and Cheese. I’m convinced meat pies were the reason I gained weight in New Zealand. SO MANY MEAT PIES! (Clearly, also my favourite New Zealand food I ate)

New Zealand Food - Meat Pies and Pineapple Lumps

Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows

I love hot chocolate and hot chocolate with marshmallows is not uncommon in Canada but also not expected. I have come to expect marshmallows. I’m actually disappointed when I get a hot chocolate and there isn’t marshmallows. I also thought the marshmallows were a bit different in New Zealand. I never liked marshmallows in Canada. The Kiwi marshmallows were not as chewy and gummy as the ones in Canada which I liked. I even became a fan of the marshmallow-y candy in New Zealand like Chocolate Fish. Yum!

Pineapple Lumps

Everything I’ve mentioned so far has been tasty, so what about the not so tasty food in New Zealand? I present, Pineapple Lumps. My main issue with Pineapple Lumps was the texture. Kiwis must have the strongest teeth in the world because just biting into a Pineapple Lump was difficult for me. It would get stuck in my teeth and I would have to actually pick it out. The actually taste was fine, pineapple and chocolate – why not, but I could not get around the horrible texture. I don’t like being in pain while eating so good luck if you ever feel the need to try Pineapple Lumps.

There is more unique food that New Zealand has and that’s just talking food – I didn’t touch New Zealand wine in this post which could be a whole story in itself.

What do you think about New Zealand food and what would you like the most?

New Zealand Food

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