There is no wrong way to travel

This is a topic I’ve been grappling with lately. I’ve been comparing myself and my travels to those around me. Especially in the age of the internet when there are millions of “Top this” or “The Best that”, it’s hard to think that what you’re doing is enough. And granted, I’m guilty of these kinds of blogs and videos because I genuinely think they can help people see their options organized in a neat little list. The hard part is not getting caught up in all the hype and remembering that there is no wrong way to travel.


As I end my year in New Zealand, I think about everything I did and I have to say I’m satisfied with it. I’ve seen and done things that I will remember forever. I have learned more about myself and what direction I want to head in next. What I did is not the same as what my friends who came to New Zealand 5 years ago did. What I did is not the same as what my backpacker friends I met here did. Sure, there may be some overlap but my New Zealand experience is uniquely mine. And that’s kinda cool.

I think it’s important to remember that every trip you go on is yours and you have the liberty to tailor it to your liking. I skipped out on the Tongariro Crossing that everyone seems to loves so much and is on pretty much every “Top Things in New Zealand” list. While I think it would be awesome to do and I’ve seem beautiful photos from it, I’m a city girl and not that bothered that I didn’t do it. It’s the same way people skip out of the bungee jumps or skydiving because they just don’t enjoy those kinds of adrenaline rush activities that I happen to love.

Through all these “How-To’s” and “Best of’s” it’s important to remember to be true to you. Do what you want and not what other people want. There is no right way to travel. There is no wrong way to travel. All you can do is sort through the overwhelming amount of advice and figure out what suits you and your way of travel.

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