Picton, New Zealand – More than a port town


I’ve been told that Picton, New Zealand is nothing more than a port town. Nothing is there and only exists to receive the ferry. Even when I looked up actual information and not just hearsay from fellow backpackers, it all seemed to say the same thing. Nothing but a port town unless you like long hikes through mountainous forest.


My Converse are the closest thing I have to a hiking shoe so long rocky terrain treks through the bush wasn’t really on my agenda. But because I am super paranoid about missing buses (or any other form of transportation), I decided I would spend the night in Picton before catching a bus out to Nelson.


To my surprise and contrary to what everyone had said, Picton was a wonderful place. Completely picturesque (as is a lot of New Zealand to be honest). Picton was a cute town even without the natural beauty that surrounds it. There are patterns in the stone walkways and small shops line the streets.


Even though the town was cute itself, it really is the natural beauty that steals the show. Like I said I wasn’t going to go off on the long trails through Marlborough Sound but there were some shorter trails beside the town. I took the Bob’s Bay Track which only takes about 30 minutes. It follows the water leading away from town back towards the Cook Strait. It ends at a little beach where you can forget that there is any kind of civilization nearby. I honestly wish I knew that there was a beach at the end, I would’ve brought my swimsuit.


I think it’s cases like this that I’m glad I don’t always listen to people when they tell me about a place. I would have never gotten to know or enjoy Picton if I listened to what others said. I loved Picton and thought about going back for a weekend trip while living in Wellington. If you want my opinion, definitely stop off in Picton on your way between New Zealand’s North Island and South Island.


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