Race Against Time

I’m a slow traveller. I like taking my time and I don’t like feeling rushed through a destination. It’s the main reason I’m a serial expat. Living abroad is the ultimate form of slow travel.

I’ve been in New Zealand for 3 weeks out of my 1 year visa… and I’m feeling rushed. I feel like I don’t have enough time to see everything. I feel like I need to select and skip over towns and sights I’d like to see. I’m running out of time. Of course, I could come back one day but I’m here now and I might not ever come back.

My plan for my year in New Zealand is to see the sights in North Island and find a job in Wellington. I’ll settle in Wellington for a few months before making my way through the South Island and get a job in Queenstown for the winter. But 3 weeks have already passed and I’m not very far yet. I feel like I’m in a race against time.

A year in a German village was enough for me too get my fill. 5 months in Singapore felt too short since I loved living there so much. I think about how much time I have left verses what I want to do in New Zealand and I feel panicked. I feel like I’m travelling too slowly to fit in everything I want to do.

I want to see New Zealand properly. I don’t want to miss anything. But that’s not a logical way to travel. I can’t see everything everywhere. I think that’s why when I find a job and settle down in a town, I’ll feel less rushed. It’s like while bouncing from place to place, I need to keep pace with my constant movement. Once I pick my home abroad, I’ll be able to get to really dive into the culture and not just see the sights and the beauty of the country. I’ll be able to stay in place long enough to experience the daily life that I think is so interesting about foreign countries as well as taking short trips to see what else is around.

Even though I might not feel so rushed and panicked once I find a job and my New Zealand home, I’ll always be in a race against time in some sense. I guess just making the best of the time I have now.
Race Against Time

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