What to do in Raglan, New Zealand

I spent a week and a half hanging around the little town of Raglan, New Zealand. My friend Justin Jones recommended it to me when I mentioned that I wanted to try surfing again while in New Zealand. Apparently, Raglan has one of the longest left breaks in the world (not that as a novice surfer, I really get what that is all about). I ended up enjoying this little town a lot and kept wondering if I should extend my time in Raglan.What to do in Raglan


Like I mentioned, the surf is what attracts people to Raglan. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos from my time surfing at Ngarunui Beach – I was too busy trying to surf (key word trying). I had surfed once before in Bali and while I sucked at surfing, I was good enough to have a really good time. For some reason, I found surfing in Raglan to be WAY more difficult. The water was more powerful and I ended up struggle to just get out to the waves. I was knocked over at knee-deep water. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced currents quite so strong. It was tough and I didn’t even stand up on my first day. It was better on the second day. I actually stood up a few times. But still, that water had the tendency to exhaust me before even getting to the waves.
I concluded after my time in Raglan that surfing is enjoyable and if I ever settle down in a place where there is good surf, I’ll probably take it up again. But in general, I think I will pass on most water sports. Not really my thing.

The Scenery

What I liked most about Raglan was just the scenery. It is a beautiful little seaside town. Walking along the beach was one of the most enjoyable activities I did. You can find beautiful multicoloured shells in the black sand or watch the surfers. There is also Wairēinga/Bridal Veil Falls a short drive from town. The 55 metre tall falls is something to check out.
Check out my little montage video of some of the sights in Raglan:

Walking around town

Raglan has tons of little shops that are definitely worth checking out. Raglan has a little art community and I found a few shops where local artists made everything in the store. While I didn’t buy anything, these stores will be able to supply cute and unique souvenirs. I think it’s also a good place to talk to locals who are well involved with the community. I got some good advice from the one artist who was working the store.

Raglan Roast

And while you’re wandering through the town you might as well enjoy a coffee. Because THE COFFEE! Raglan Roast has raised the bar with my standard of coffee. It is by far the best coffee I’ve ever had in my life. Finding Raglan Roast in Wellington (where I happen to be writing this) made me the happiest girl ever. Wellington has its “coffee culture” but it still doesn’t hold a light to Raglan Roast. I might look into shipping Raglan Roast to wherever I might be living next because it is seriously amazing.

Raglan Roast

Raglan Roast in Raglan (left), Raglan Roast in Wellington (right)

Have you ever been to Raglan, New Zealand? What was your favourite thing about it?

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