Sneaky Dee’s

Toronto has countless bars. Picking a favourite would be nearly impossible, but, without question, one of my favourites is Sneaky Dee’s! It’s a dive bar I think everyone who visits Toronto should check out.

Located on the corner of College and Bathurst, Sneaky Dee’s is in the middle of a number of bars but it stands out. The chill atmosphere and graffiti embraced décor makes for a great place to have a night out with friends. The lower level is the restaurant where you can get drink and food and upstairs you can get your party on.

Bathroom Graffiti

Bathroom Graffiti

I would like to pose a question: Who doesn’t like nachos and beer? Okay, probably a good number of people. But I LOVE nachos and I’m okay with beer (it’s not my favourite but I’ll drink it). If you love nachos, Sneaky Dee’s is the place to go in Toronto! They definitely have the best nachos in the city. The Kings Crown ($16.50) makes all other nachos in the city disappointing.


Sneaky Dee’s Kings Crown

With the great location, atmosphere, and food, Sneaky Dee’s is definitely one of my favourite places in Toronto!

Want to know more about what Sneaky Dee’s has to offer, check out their website:

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