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With all the media surrounding various types of space things recently (which I do love hearing all about), it has made me wonder about whether I would like travel to space if the option was available. The idea is definitely appealing. I mean, heck, space is definitely where you will be able to see something new – the final frontier and all that. But realistically, would I go to space?

I really have loved space my whole life. I have lost count of how many space documentaries I’ve seen. I grew up sketching various potential alien creatures, choosing the real planet in the universe where they would make there home, and a full life story for them. Space is something I absolutely love! Over the last few months there has been increasing talk about commercial space travel. As an avid traveller, I love seeing the world and I’m making my way through it one country at a time. Others like me, and I think people in general, love the idea of being in space and looking down on the earth. It’s that surreal visual perspective that makes the idea of space travel so interesting. I am definitely interested in seeing that! I was in complete awe at pretty much every one of Chris Hadfield’s photos from space. Side note: If you don’t know who Chris Hadfield is, look him up. He’s a total boss and took the photo I used in my header for this post. (His Facebook)

So, at first glance, I would definitely take up the opportunity to travel to space but on further thought, I’m not so sure. One of my favourite parts of travel is the interaction with other people. If there is ever poof of alien life, I will be totally down to meeting them (whether intelligent life or more of an animal type creature or even just a little worm or bug thing)! As someone who does mostly expat travel, seeing and experiencing how people live around the world is a huge reason why I travel. This space travel wouldn’t really have that. I guess, depending on how long the trip is, I would get the experience on living on a spaceship. But I always liked staying in a place for at least a few months with locals around me and space doesn’t have any “locals” yet.

Continuing further into the things I like about travel, I like being in the action. I’m the kind of person who likes to take part and not watch from the side. I feel that, even though you will have the most spectacular view, I wouldn’t like being away from all the things that are happening on earth. I’m sure I’ve talked about the magnificent scenery and views that I’ve experience throughout my travels but that is just a plus to the activities that get me there. Hiking a mountain to get a beautiful sunrise – I like the hiking part. Seeing hundreds colourful fish while snorkeling – I like the swimming part. I’m too much of an activities person to spend time just looking out a window at the world. It wouldn’t feel like travelling to me.

I will stand by commercial space travel saying that it is an excellent opportunity for people to gain new perspectives and have a life-changing trip. But personally, I think I’ll leave the space travel to the astronauts and stick to exploring earth. Would you ever consider travelling space?

P.S. Also check out this video by Vsauce about humans in space and the kinds of effects it can have on the body. Very cool stuff.

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