Sushi on Bloor

While growing up, just the thought of sushi could make me vomit. I didn’t like any kind of seafood, not a huge fan of rice, and the seaweed stuff should stay in the ocean. Over the years, my taste buds have grown up with me. A couple years ago, a friend reintroduced me to sushi. It took about 3 times of going for sushi with him to hook me but here I am today, a sushi lover!

Toronto has no shortage of sushi restaurants. The trick to finding a favourite sushi place for me has to do with balance. The food needs to be good and the price needs to be low. If you have money to burn, go for the high-end sushi restaurants around town. But, if you’re like me with next to no money, those places are not really an option. You can find cheap sushi places around Toronto as well, but sometimes you really get what you pay.

Is it too much to ask for good sushi for a cheap price?!

Nope! Let me introduce you to Sushi on Bloor.

Sushi on Bloor is definitely my go-to sushi spot in Toronto. My personal favourite is the Spicy Tuna Crunchy roll. Most rolls come in 8s for $5.25 so you can get a couple different types and still have a cheap meal.
Spicy Tuna Chrunchy
Even if your not a sushi fan, don’t worry there are other options. The teriyaki dinners are just as good as the sushi or you can grab an Udon soup during those cold Canadian winters. If you can’t make up your mind what to eat, there is always the bento box that has more food than I could ever eat at one time for $8.75.
Bento Box
The thing I really love about Sushi on Bloor is the ice cream that is included with every meal. You get to choose from Mango, Green Tea, or Red Bean flavours. It’s just one scoop but the fact that they have Red Bean ice cream (which is my all time favourite ice cream flavour) makes me SO happy.
I’m not the only one who loves Sushi on Bloor. They have won awards from newspapers. So, next time you’re in Toronto craving sushi head to Bloor St. and have Sushi on Bloor.

For more information about Sushi on Bloor check out their website:

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