The Catlins and Milford Sound – New Zealand’s Deep South

I decided I need to to see the very south of New Zealand’s South Island. The most practical way for me to do this was to take a tour.

Check out the video form of how it all turned out:

Day 1 took us through The Catlins. Seeing The Catlins is the main reason chose the tour. The Catlins is an area in the very south eastern corner of New Zealand’s South Island – between Dunedin and Invercargill. This area has some of the most beautiful coastline and waterfalls I’ve seen in my life. Our stops in included: Nugget Point, Cannibal Bay (where sea lions are known to be but we missed them), Purakaunui Falls, Florence Hill Lookout, McLean Falls, and Curio Bay (where I saw a Yellow-Eyed Penguin). I’m so glad I did the tour and got to see all this stunning nature and wildlife.

The Catlins

The Catlins – Source: Wikipedia

Day 2 took us out to Milford Sound. The weather wasn’t the best this day. We had heavy rain overnight which continued into the morning and afternoon. The road to Milford Sound can close due to bad weather (a.k.a. avalanches are possible when the weather is bad) so whether we were able to go to Milford Sound was a little up in the air until we had confirmation that the road was open. IT WAS!

While out of the boat, it was raining half the time and overcast the other half. I was sitting inside the cabin the whole time because I can get sea sickness and because of the weather, it wasn’t the smoothest of boat rides. Speaking of rough waters, you can REALLY tell the moment when you move from the Fjord waters to the waters of the Tasman Sea (one body of water that is notorious for being a bit temperamental). Though Milford Sound was beautiful despite the set backs of poor weather conditions. There were surrounded by beautiful waterfalls and giant mountains that reach to the clouds (granted they only reached the clouds because it was raining).
Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 7.30.52 pm

We ended day 2 in Queenstown and that was that. End of the tour. I booked my tour through Headfirst Travel and actually on day 2 we met up with the Kiwi Experience bus to see Milford Sound. So, I feel like I got to see what the Kiwi Experience bus would have been like if I decided to take that route instead of my public bus. Personally, I’m happy with my decision to take the public bus route but I know lots of people who loved the Kiwi Experience or Stray bus which is similar.

Have you ever travelled through The Catlins or Milford Sound? What was your experience like?

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