The Little Things – What if I was not born in Canada?

Over the last few days I’ve had this weird thought going through my head: “What if I wasn’t born in Canada?”

How would my life be different?
Where would I be living right now?
What would I be doing?
Would I still be a traveller?


We are all the results of our experiences. They make us who we are. They shape our opinions and life choices. Through this little thought trail, I revisited my old high school music collection. It’s a rare thing for me to not have headphones on and my music tends to be pretty eclectic. I found my old JRock stuff.

It brought back the memories of 12th grade when I was preparing for my Rotary International Youth Exchange. I was told I was going to Japan. I was in my second semester of Japanese night school at the local college (because I’ve always been that overachiever). I was the happiest, most excited 17 year old ever! Then it was change on me last minute. If you’ve been on my blog before, you’ll know that I ended up in Germany for that exchange (which is not exactly anything Japan-esque). But what if that one thing didn’t happen? What if I actually went to Japan? Would I be fluent in Japanese? Would that have altered what I decided to study at University the year that followed?

P.S. I looked up to see what happened to these JRock guys I used to love. Apparently Miyavi (my main influence in wanting to learn guitar as a 16 year old) is acting now. He’s in the new movie Unbroken directed by Angelina Jolie. Now that I saw he was in it, I really want to check it out even if the critics say it’s only okay.

I think it’s weird that the littlest things influence your life in big ways. If I didn’t get chicken pox, I wouldn’t have joined my first social network 12 years ago and maybe I wouldn’t have this passion for digital media and emerging technology. Getting chicken pox at 13 sparked that for me – who would have figured that’s where all this actually started?

I think this is the main reason everyone says travel is such a significant experience. The smallest thing can change your life in amazing ways. I mean, I’m currently taking a TEFL course because of a conversation I had with a girl at a hostel in Wellington. I think that when you push yourself to step out of what you’ve always known and meet people from such different lifestyles from your own, you expose yourself to even more little things that can change your life… And you know, more of the big things that are obviously going to change your life too.

What are some of the little things that shaped your life?

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