Things That Suck About Hostel Life

Since arriving in New Zealand I have been living in hostels. This means I’ve been living in a hostel for 4 months! Hostels can be great during your travels. It’s an easy way to meet people especially as a solo traveller. I’ve had some of the best conversations of my life with random people I met in a hostel.

Though after 4 months, I am tired of hostel life! I’m SO over it! All the little annoyances about hostels get amplified when you aren’t actually travelling and moving around. When you are trying to get your life together (in my situation, trying to find a job) and you’re staying in a hostel long-term, you can really start to hate all the things that might not matter too much if you were only there for a couple nights.

Things that suck about life in a hostel:

1. The lack of outlets
In the age of technology, everyone needs to charge their phones, cameras, laptops, tablets, and any other gadget you can think of. A lot of hostels were built before this was a thing and lack sufficient number of outlets. It’s all about timing to make sure you claim an outlet for yourself, especially if your power adapter is massive and takes over 2 sockets instead of just one. It’s like a war zone!

power outlet

The outlet issue

2. People taking your stuff
Food. Clothes. Shoes. Cameras. Name it, someone might take it. It’s the risk you take while sharing space with relative strangers. I recently had a pair of flip-flops taken while I was sleeping and other people in my room were packing to leave. I’ve also heard countless stories of people taking food that doesn’t belong to them. Even worse than that, not every hostel has lockers for you to store your more valuable things in like all those gadgets previously mentioned so, keep a paranoid eye on those.

3. Kitchen
As a backpacker (or long-termer like myself), you are always thankful for a kitchen. It saves money by not eating at restaurants all the time. Unfortunately, they aren’t always the most well equipped places. And making matters worse, some people don’t remember how to wash dishes when they hit the road. So, that one regular sized pot that you wanted to use is still filthy sitting in the sink.


Ugh. The kitchen mess

4. Check out
10am. It’s not really a problem for the regular person. But as a traveller, you probably have a messed up sleep schedule. It’s just the nature of not having a regular daily life to follow. Nothing is worse the alarm going off at 8 or 9 after a night out telling you to pack up your bag because you have to move rooms. Yup. That’s right! When you’re staying at a hostel long-term and continuously extending your stay, sometimes you need to switch rooms for various reasons. That means, checking out and then waiting around for 4 hours until you’re allowed to check in again. I don’t think this would be too bad if you were actually catching a bus or flight somewhere new, but checking out when you’re literally moving to the room next door sucks big time.

What are the things that annoy you about hostel life?

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  1. February 28, 2015 at 3:49 AM

    I agree!! Hostel life can get exhausted after a while, I still enjoy them of course but now I prefer to stay in a private room sometimes! 😀
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