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I don’t usually watch television. This is mainly because I refuse to pay the ridiculous cost of cable. The TV I do watch are the shows that I think are so good I need to go out of my way to look up online. But I’ve recently moved back with my parents who have cable so I’ve started watching more. I’ve noticed a lot of the shows I watch are travel related and I’ve had a new surge of travel inspiration thanks to it. Since one of the main reasons I write this blog is to inspire you, maybe you’ll find these inspiring as well.


One of the few shows that I’ve actually been watching for years is Departures. I absolutely love it and classify it as one of my all-time favourites! Justin and Scott, 2 Canadian guys, take off around hitting up a lot of non-conventional destinations. Some of my favourite episodes include Papua New Guinea, Mongolia, and Greenland. The thing I really love about Departures is the cinematography. The cameraman, Andre, who you’ll see onscreen every now and then has serous talent. I think it’s important if you are producing a travel show to make sure you have beautiful images of the places you are trying to document. Andre also films for the show Descending where Scott and friend Ellis (who you meet in Departures’ New Zealand episode) dive the world. Descending is another great travel show that I watch but doesn’t make my list of inspiration thanks to me not knowing how to dive and suffering from seasickness almost every time I step on a boat. But I would definitely recommend checking out Descending and Departures if you haven’t already.

Amazing Race

Even though Amazing Race just started its 23rd season, this is the first one I’ve watched. I always wanted to watch it since I love the idea but with my lack of cable, I never actually got to watch it. Now that I have the chance to watch the show I have come to the conclusion that it is AMAZING (pun intended)! As someone who is very competitive, I love seeing people travel the world through the platform of a race. It gets me excited and I find myself yelling at the TV trying to help out my favourite team. The problem about Amazing Race is that I get incredibly jealous that I’m not allowed to partake in the show. This is actually a long drawn out thing with my dad and I wanting to be a team on the show but not being allowed to because we are Canadian. As far as we can tell there is no real valid reason not to allow us on the show. My dad actual wrote a couple emails to the show about this. Oh well, I guess we are stuck with just watching it. P.S. Brandon and Adam is my favourite team.

Who Do You Think You Are

This isn’t exactly a travel show but I still find it to be incredibly travel inspiring. I think this is proof that inspiration can come from anywhere. The concept of the show is pretty straightforward – follow a celebrity trace their ancestry. How could this possible translate into travel inspiration? I have always been interested in finding out where my family comes from. I am in essence just a Canadian mutt. I have no information about where my family is from (other than my great-grandmother from Ireland). I always thought it would be an incredible journey to find out about the lives of the people who came before me. If you’ve spent time on my blog before you could have come across some of my history posts. I think it’s a shame to love history and feel that it’s an important thing to know yet have no knowledge of my own history. It’s on my bucket list to figure out and travel in the footstep of my ancestors… wherever in the world that may take me.

Now that I have access to television, I’m open to watch more travel shows. What’s your favourite travel inspiring TV show?

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