What to pack – Clothing Golden Rules

I wouldn’t quite say I’m a fashionista but fashion and style is something I do love. When a friend in a hostel in Wellington said I was the “most well-put-together” backpacker he has ever seen, it made me laugh a little. So, I figured I’d show you some of my typical outfits from the summer I spent backpacking in New Zealand.

While I might be a bit more fashion forward than some other backpackers, there are 2 golden rules I follow for my backpacking attire no matter where I’m heading. These 2 simple things might help you when trying to decide what to pack while still looking your best.

1. Material

Pay attention to the material. What is it made out of? Cotton? Silk? Polyester? Spandex? This is important to know. I have left some of my favourite items at home because the material was not suitable for being trotted around in a backpack. Anything that will wrinkle easily – no. Anything that is delicate – no. Material is the number 1 thing I look at while shopping. If I don’t think it will stand up to being tossed around a backpack, I’ll leave it for someone else to purchase. Clothes can be fashionable but being sturdy comes first.

2. Multipurpose

My second golden rule for backpacker is each item need to be multipurpose. I have limited space in my backpack so I do not want to be carrying around something that I could only wear during certain occasions or that I wouldn’t style multiple ways. I will think about an item I saw at a store for a solid month before purchasing it because I need to convince myself that I will actually wear it and I can style multiple outfits with it. I need to be able to dress it up or dress it down. Can I layer it when the weather gets cold? That one time look is no good for me. It’s why a lot of my clothes are a simple pattern at most. Bold statement pieces are fun – but not practical enough for a backpacker.

So whether I’m actually a style savvy backpacker or not, I would recommend following my 2 golden rules while packing for your next trip.

Backpacker Fashion - Meggie Kay Nomadic Meg

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